Obelisk-HTTP FAQ

When I open the server it give me a message "Error trying to bind ..."

Change the port in configuration, close services using the port you want
And check if you don't opened two servers

When I open the server I got "Some lib isn't installed"(rare)

Sometimes the program WILL show a error if you get this message
and in this error will be the lib name, just download and install

PHP help

How I make to obelisk-http reconigze .php files?
Open obelisk-http.py, search for '#CONFIG' inside it you will find a
variable called PHP='/usr/bin/php' where is writen '/usr/bin/php' you must put the path to PHP
(C:/php/php.exe on most windows systems)
Ok PHP runs, but where are the variables when I call the page?
The variables are encoded inside $REQUEST to decode you must do:
foreach($REQUEST as $r){

This will returna array in $VARIABLE who cold be used like $_GET
just call $VARIABLE['VARNAME'] and you will got the variable value


What languages I can use to write a CGI-SCRIPT?
You can use Interpreted languages Python(file MUST end in .py), Perl(MUST end in .pl)
or BASH(MUST END IN .sh). Or you can use any COMPILED language so you will can use
C, C++, Pascal, Cobol and much more languages

When the client want a cgi-script the request begins with /cgi-bin/ ?
Change your CGI-SCRIPT links to '/cgi-bin/.../script'

Is the CGI-SCRIPT is on a INTERPRETED language?
...The first line is #!/path/to/interpreter ?( #!/usr/bin/python, #!/usr/bin/perl, #!/bin/bash)

You have execution permissions?(*nix only)
Change the permissions of the script(chmod 775 scriptname)